galpy.util.conversion.get_physical(obj: Any, include_set: bool = False) dict[source]

Return the velocity and length units for converting between physical and internal units as a dictionary for any galpy object, so they can easily be fed to galpy routines.

  • obj (Any) – A galpy object or list of such objects (e.g., a Potential, list of Potentials, Orbit, actionAngle instance, DF instance).

  • include_set (bool, optional) – If True, also include roSet and voSet, flags of whether the unit is explicitly set in the object. Default is False.


A dictionary {‘ro’:length unit in kpc,’vo’:velocity unit in km/s}; note that this routine will always return these conversion units, even if the obj you provide does not have units turned on.

Return type:



  • 2019-08-03 - Written - Bovy (UofT)