galpy.df.jeans.sigmalos(Pot, R, dens=None, surfdens=None, beta=0.0, sigma_r=None)[source]

Compute the line-of-sight velocity dispersion using the spherical Jeans equation

  • Pot (potential or list of potentials) – Gravitational potential; evaluated at R=r/sqrt(2),z=r/sqrt(2), sphericity not checked.

  • R (float or Quantity) – Galactocentric projected radius

  • dens (function, optional) – tracer density profile (function of r); if None, the density is assumed to be that corresponding to the potential

  • surfdens (float or function, optional) – tracer surface density profile (value at R or function of R); if None, the surface density is assumed to be that corresponding to the density

  • beta (float or function, optional) – anisotropy; can be a constant or a function of r

  • sigma_r (float or function, optional) – if given, the solution of the spherical Jeans equation sigma_r(r) (used instead of solving the Jeans equation as part of this routine)



Return type:



  • 2018-08-27 - Written - Bovy (UofT)