galpy.df.impulse_deltav_general_orbitintegration(v, x, b, w, x0, v0, pot, tmax, galpot, tmaxfac=10.0, nsamp=1000, integrate_method='symplec4_c')[source]

Calculate the delta velocity to due an encounter with a general spherical potential NOT in the impulse approximation by integrating each particle in the underlying galactic potential; allows for arbitrary velocity vectors and arbitrary shaped streams.

  • v (numpy.ndarray) – velocity of the stream (nstar,3)

  • x (numpy.ndarray) – position along the stream (nstar,3)

  • b (float) – impact parameter

  • w (numpy.ndarray) – velocity of the subhalo (3)

  • x0 (numpy.ndarray) – position of closest approach

  • v0 (numpy.ndarray) – velocity of point of closest approach

  • pot (Potential object or list thereof) – Potential object or list thereof (should be spherical)

  • tmax (float) – maximum integration time

  • galpot (Potential object or list thereof) – galpy Potential object or list thereof

  • tmaxfac (float) – multiple of rs/fabs(w - v0) to use for time integration interval

  • nsamp (int) – number of forward integration points

  • integrate_method (str) – orbit integrator to use (see Orbit.integrate)


velocity kick deltav (nstar,3)

Return type:



  • 2015-08-17 - Written - Sanders (Cambridge)