Orbit.ER(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Calculate the radial energy.

  • t (numeric, numpy.ndarray or Quantity, optional) – Time at which to get the radial energy. Default is the initial time.

  • pot (Potential, DissipativeForce or list of such instances) – Gravitational potential to use for the calculation (DissipativeForce instances are ignored). Default is the gravitational field used to integrate the orbit.

  • vo (float or Quantity, optional) – Physical scale in km/s for velocities to use to convert. Default is object-wide default.

  • use_physical (bool, optional) – Use to override object-wide default for using a physical scale for output.

  • quantity (bool, optional) – If True, return an Astropy Quantity object. Default from configuration file.


Radial energy.

Return type:

float, numpy.ndarray or Quantity [*input_shape,nt]


  • 2019-03-01 - Written - Bovy (UofT)