streamdf.find_closest_trackpointLB(l, b, D, vlos, pmll, pmbb, interp=True, usev=False)[source]

Find the closest point on the stream track to a given point in (l,b,…) coordinates

  • l (float) – Galactic longitude in degrees

  • b (float) – Galactic latitude in degrees

  • D (float) – Distance in kpc

  • vlos (float) – Line-of-sight velocity in km/s

  • pmll (float) – Proper motion in Galactic longitude in mas/yr

  • pmbb (float) – Proper motion in Galactic latitude in mas/yr

  • interp (bool, optional) – If True, return the closest index on the interpolated track (default is True)

  • usev (bool, optional) – If True, also use the velocity components (default is False)


Index of closest track point on the interpolated or not-interpolated track

Return type:



  • 2013-12-17 - Written - Bovy (IAS)