Gaussian-modulated amplitude wrapper potential

class galpy.potential.GaussianAmplitudeWrapperPotential(amp=1.0, pot=None, to=0.0, sigma=1.0, ro=None, vo=None)[source]

Potential wrapper class that allows the amplitude of a Potential object to be modulated as a Gaussian. The amplitude A applied to a potential wrapped by an instance of this class is changed as

\[A(t) = amp\,\exp\left(-\frac{[t-t_0]^2}{2\,\sigma^2}\right)\]
__init__(amp=1.0, pot=None, to=0.0, sigma=1.0, ro=None, vo=None)[source]




initialize a GaussianAmplitudeWrapper Potential


amp - amplitude to be applied to the potential (default: 1.)

pot - Potential instance or list thereof; this potential is made to rotate around the z axis by the wrapper

to= (0.) time at which the Gaussian peaks

sigma= (1.) standard deviation of the Gaussian (can be a Quantity)




2018-02-21 - Started - Bovy (UofT)