Kuzmin-Kutuzov Staeckel potential

class galpy.potential.KuzminKutuzovStaeckelPotential(amp=1.0, ac=5.0, Delta=1.0, normalize=False, ro=None, vo=None)[source]

Class that implements the Kuzmin-Kutuzov Staeckel potential

\[\Phi(R,z) = -\frac{\mathrm{amp}}{\sqrt{\lambda} + \sqrt{\nu}}\]

(see, e.g., Batsleer & Dejonghe 1994)

__init__(amp=1.0, ac=5.0, Delta=1.0, normalize=False, ro=None, vo=None)[source]




initialize a Kuzmin-Kutuzov Staeckel potential


amp - amplitude to be applied to the potential (default: 1); can be a Quantity with units of mass density or Gxmass density

ac - axis ratio of the coordinate surfaces; (a/c) = sqrt(-alpha) / sqrt(-gamma) (default: 5.)

Delta - focal distance that defines the spheroidal coordinate system (default: 1.); Delta=sqrt(gamma-alpha) (can be Quantity)

normalize - if True, normalize such that vc(1.,0.)=1., or, if given as a number, such that the force is this fraction of the force necessary to make vc(1.,0.)=1.

ro=, vo= distance and velocity scales for translation into internal units (default from configuration file)




2015-02-15 - Written - Trick (MPIA)