Moving object potential

class galpy.potential.MovingObjectPotential(orbit, pot=None, amp=1.0, ro=None, vo=None)[source]

Class that implements the potential coming from a moving object by combining any galpy potential with an integrated galpy orbit.

__init__(orbit, pot=None, amp=1.0, ro=None, vo=None)[source]




initialize a MovingObjectPotential


orbit - the Orbit of the object (Orbit object)

pot - A potential object or list of potential objects representing the potential of the moving object; should be spherical, but this is not checked [default= PlummerPotential(amp=0.06,b=0.01)]

amp (=1.) another amplitude to apply to the potential

ro=, vo= distance and velocity scales for translation into internal units (default from configuration file)




2011-04-10 - Started - Bovy (NYU)

2018-10-18 - Re-implemented to represent general object potentials using galpy potential models - James Lane (UofT)