actionAngle (galpy.actionAngle)

(x, v) –> (J, O, a)

General instance routines

Not necessarily supported for all different types of actionAngle calculations. These have extra arguments for different actionAngle modules, so check the documentation of the module-specific functions for more info (e.g., ?actionAngleIsochrone.__call__)

(J, a) –> (x, v, O)

General instance routines


While the actionAngleTorus code below can compute the Jacobian and Hessian of the (J, a) –> (x, v, O) transformation, the accuracy of these does not appear to be very good using the current interface to the TorusMapper code, so care should be taken when using these.

Currently, only the interface to the TorusMapper code supports going from (J, a) –> (x, v, O). Instance methods are

Specific actionAngle modules

In addition to the methods listed above, actionAngleTorus also has the following methods: