galpy.util.ars.ars(domain, isDomainFinite, abcissae, hx, hpx, nsamples=1, hxparams=(), maxn=100)[source]

ars: Implementation of the Adaptive-Rejection Sampling algorithm by Gilks & Wild (1992): Adaptive Rejection Sampling for Gibbs Sampling, Applied Statistics, 41, 337 Based on Wild & Gilks (1993), Algorithm AS 287: Adaptive Rejection Sampling from Log-concave Density Functions, Applied Statistics, 42, 701


domain - [.,.] upper and lower limit to the domain

isDomainFinite - [.,.] is there a lower/upper limit to the domain?

abcissae - initial list of abcissae (must lie on either side of the peak in hx if the domain is unbounded

hx - function that evaluates h(x) = ln g(x)

hpx - function that evaluates hp(x) = d h(x) / d x

nsamples - (optional) number of desired samples (default=1)

hxparams - (optional) a tuple of parameters for h(x) and h’(x)

maxn - (optional) maximum number of updates to the hull (default=100)


list with nsamples of samples from exp(h(x))

External dependencies:

math scipy scipy.stats


2009-05-21 - Written - Bovy (NYU)