Any time-dependent amplitude wrapper potential

class galpy.potential.TimeDependentAmplitudeWrapperPotential(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Potential wrapper class that allows the amplitude of any potential to be any function of time. That is, the amplitude of a potential gets modulated to

\[\mathrm{amp} \rightarrow \mathrm{amp} \times A(t)\]

where \(A(t)\) is an arbitrary function of time. Note that amp itself can already be a function of time.

__init__(amp=1.0, A=None, pot=None, ro=None, vo=None)[source]




initialize a TimeDependentAmplitudeWrapperPotential


amp - amplitude to be applied to the potential (default: 1.)

A - function of time giving the time-dependence of the amplitude; should be able to be called with a single time and return a numbers.Number (that is, a number); input time is in internal units (see galpy.util.conversion.time_in_Gyr to convert) and output is a dimensionless amplitude modulation

pot - Potential instance or list thereof; the amplitude of this will modified by this wrapper




2022-03-29 - Started - Bovy (UofT)