streamdf.callMarg(xy, **kwargs)[source]




evaluate the DF, marginalizing over some directions, in Galactocentric rectangular coordinates (or in observed l,b,D,vlos,pmll,pmbb) coordinates)


xy - phase-space point [X,Y,Z,vX,vY,vZ]; the distribution of the dimensions set to None is returned

interp= (object-wide interp default) if True, use the interpolated stream track

cindx= index of the closest point on the (interpolated) stream track if not given, determined from the dimensions given

nsigma= (3) number of sigma to marginalize the DF over (approximate sigma)

ngl= (5) order of Gauss-Legendre integration

lb= (False) if True, xy contains [l,b,D,vlos,pmll,pmbb] in [deg,deg,kpc,km/s,mas/yr,mas/yr] and the marginalized PDF in these coordinates is returned

vo= (220) circular velocity to normalize with when lb=True

ro= (8) Galactocentric radius to normalize with when lb=True

R0= (8) Galactocentric radius of the Sun (kpc)

Zsun= (0.0208) Sun’s height above the plane (kpc)

vsun= ([-11.1,241.92,7.25]) Sun’s motion in cylindrical coordinates (vR positive away from center)


p(xy) marginalized over missing directions in xy


2013-12-16 - Written - Bovy (IAS)