classmethod Orbit.from_name(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Construct an orbit from the name of an object or a list of names.

  • name (str or list) – The name of the object or list of names. When loading a collection of objects (like ‘mwglobularclusters’), lists are not allowed.

  • ro (float or Quantity, optional) – Distance from vantage point to Galactic center (kpc).

  • vo (float or Quantity, optional) – Circular velocity at ro (km/s; can be Quantity).

  • zo (float or Quantity, optional) – Offset toward the NGP of the Sun wrt the plane in kpc; default = 20.8 pc from Bennett & Bovy 2019).

  • solarmotion (str, numpy.ndarray or Quantity, optional) – Solar motion. Can be ‘hogg’ or ‘dehnen’, or ‘schoenrich’, or value in [-U,V,W] in km/s.


An orbit containing the phase space coordinates of the named object.

Return type:



  • 2018-07-15: Written - Mathew Bub (UofT)

  • 2019-05-21: Generalized to multiple objects and incorporated into Orbits - Bovy (UofT)