galpy.potential.lindbladR(Pot, OmegaP, m=2, t=0.0, **kwargs)[source]

Calculate the radius of a Lindblad resonance.

  • Pot (Potential instance or list of such instances) – Potential instance or list of such instances.

  • OmegaP (float or Quantity) – Pattern speed.

  • m (int or str, optional) – Order of the resonance (as in m(O-Op)=kappa (negative m for outer)). Use m=’corotation’ for corotation (default: 2).

  • t (float or Quantity, optional) – Time (default: 0.0).

  • **kwargs – Additional arguments to be passed to scipy.optimize.brentq.


Radius of Lindblad resonance, None if there is no resonance.

Return type:

float or Quantity or None


  • 2011-10-09 - Written - Bovy (IAS)