galpy.util.coords.lb_to_radec(l, b, degree=False, epoch=2000.0)[source]

Transform from Galactic coordinates to equatorial coordinates

  • l (float or numpy.ndarray) – Galactic longitude

  • b (float or numpy.ndarray) – Galactic latitude

  • degree (bool, optional) – If True, l and b are given in degree and ra and dec will be as well

  • epoch (float, optional) – Epoch of ra,dec (right now only 2000.0 and 1950.0 are supported when not using astropy’s transformations internally; when internally using astropy’s coordinate transformations, epoch can be None for ICRS, ‘JXXXX’ for FK5, and ‘BXXXX’ for FK4)


Right ascension and declination

Return type:

tuple or numpy.ndarray


  • 2010-04-07 - Written - Bovy (NYU)

  • 2014-06-14 - Re-written w/ numpy functions for speed and w/ decorators for beauty - Bovy (IAS)

  • 2016-05-13 - Added support for using astropy’s coordinate transformations and for non-standard epochs - Bovy (UofT)